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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  January 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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temperatures. right now, this morning, at b.w.i. marshall, it is 20 degrees. the winds are still a little breezy they weren't all that breezy this morning. we do have a scattering of clouds this morning. forecast for the weekend coming up. >> you know everywhere you go right now you can feel the excitement in the air. maryland has purple fever as ravens get ready for tomorrow's home playoff game. purple fever is hot and getting hotter. kai reed has more. >> it is called the raventini.
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the con cock shun has helped get the party in full swing in federal hill. >> very great. >> people are talking purple, breathing purple, wearing purple. now they are eating and drinking purple. >> chef rs preparing purple cabbage, purple slaw. >> we are sold out for sunday brunch. it will be a victory celebration with purple waffles, purple potatos, and purple martinis. fans have been talk trash early and on. >> we have the best defense in the nfl. we'll take out houston on sunday.
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then new england or broncos. it don't matter. >> this year it is getting swept up in all the excitement. >> the morale of we citizens is sky high right now. we are only a couple games away from the super bowl. that is beyond all belief. >> kai reed, reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. [cheers and applause] >> hey, they are pretty good. lawmakers in annapolis won't agree on everything this session, but at least for one day there was a purple nighting con sense shuss. lawmakers got fired up wearing the jerseys of their favorite ravens players. and we hope you join us tonight at 7:00 for our exclusive
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quarterback with gerry sandusky with joe flacco. >> from purple fever to scarlet fever. a scare at a baltimore city elementary school. so far three students at george washington elementary school have tested positive and there is concern this morning because scarlet fever can be so easily spread between children and it is dangerous if left untreated. here's lowell melzer with the latest. >> amanda rice, principal at george washington elementary in southwest baltimore says it is not something you expect to hear. >> i was a little shocked hearing the word scarlet fever. >> friday she said a parent called her saying their child tested positive for scarlet fever.
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>> put them in another location. >> friday, news of a total of three cases with one more suspected case. city health officials say there is no reason for alarm or panic as the disease is a manifest station -- manifestation of strep throat. >> i think the perception is this is a widespread adisease. this is like streep strep throat in that it is treated with antibiotics and arve 48 hours your child can return to school. >> the most striking symptom is a stand paper like red rash, sore throat, and red tongue accompanied with nausea and vamitying.
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>> what we see in school age children washing your hand. people feel comfortable leaving their -- she said people can feel comfortable leaving their children in class. >> i think if you are informed about it you would feel better about it. you know there are antibiotics that can treat the disease. >> i already have my child checked. she's perfectly fine. >> that was music to the ears of principal rice. she said when it comes down to it, being sick comes with the territory. >> germs pass, but we sanitized, and everything is good. >> a code blue in effect throughout the weekend in baltimore city because of the extreme cold temperatures. there are a number of emergency shelters operating on extended
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hours. four will provide assistance 24 hours a day until temperatures go back up. a big concern is tailgating. officials want to remind everyone drinking alcohol can increase the risk for hypothermia. >> we want to get the message out, whether you are a ravens fan or texas fan, keeping warm and hydrating is the most important way to prevent hypothermia. >> energy assistance may be available for those that need it for the code blue effect -- in effect until thursday. >> searches are out for the person that set a speed camera on fire. sheldon dutes has more. >> i don't even jaywalk when i cross howard street because i want po make sure i am not hit by someone trying to beat the yellow light.
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>> rachel isn't the one worried. city officials heard similar concerns throughout the area and say part of the reason they installed a portable speed camera in the intersection. that camera is no longer there. >> that frightens me, actually. an at any time passerby or car exhaust could be affected. an explosion could occur. >> it's hard to say what motivations are other than someone that doesn't like speed cameras. who knows. >> investigators won't comment on how the fire was set, but say it was intentional. police are on the lookout for one suspect and they are trying to figure out what his or her motive may have been. >> i think setting fire to a piece of public property there to keep us safe is just as
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destructive as it sounds. >> she said she is not worried about an arsonnist running around her neighborhood bhu hopes the culprit comes forward soon. >> i hope someone explains why they want to jeopardize safety. >> sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> an investigation is underway this morning into what caused a tractor trailor to flip over on the inner loop of the beltway. this was the scene. police say the driver was trying to merge when the trailer slipped on its side. the driver was taken to the hospital. no one else was hurt. traffic was slow going as crews worked to clean everything up. >> a rude awakening for brooklyn park residents. someone slashed the stires. all damaged vehicles were parked along cheney avenue, cram avenue, and baldwin avenue. >> i'm just upset. in this economy, we are all struggling.
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who wants to wake up to that kind of a cost? i want whoever did it caught. >> police bleeveb believe slashings are random and anyone with information on the slashings is asked to call the northern district of anne arundel county police. 410-622-6135. >> if you slopped at big lots recently, you may want to pay attention. the item at the center of a huge recall. >> and the fight to legalize same-sex marriage coming up. a look at the issue in our session 2012. >> first a live picture outside. john will have your insta-weather plus forecast whether we come back after the whether we come back after the break. [ male announcer ] unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. so i wake up rested. [ male announcer ] unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer.
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>> take a look at our h.d. doppler radar. some clouds are picking up snow
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in the clouds. i don't think it is hitting the ground. a couple flakes might be coming down. the radar from dover and sterling going up in the clouds there is picking up ice crystals. snowstorm is not coming down to the ground. we don't have any reports of it. west wind 13. yesterday the winds were into the 30's. still a breeze out there. we had a high spike again. again we had this warm thing. then we pick up a little bit into a rain situation by tuesday.
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ad -- at least we're not going as high as we were last week. in the teens in far western maryland this morning. not surprising for this time of year. a couple may be coming down. there is snow other language the front. off the open waters of the great lakes. the real weather disturbance is out of missouri this morning.
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we have a front from the north. breezy and cold. not as strong as yesterday. 10 to 15 miles per hour. gusting to 20. small craft advisories on the bay. from the west. futurecast shows this little clipper passing through our -- to our south. not a snow maker for us per say. and then sunday looks dry. tuesday we pick up rain. scattered clouds. unseasonably cold. low to mid 30's. northwest winds 10 to 15. it is cold but not bad football weather. monday around 40. dry for martin luther king day. here's the rain chance for tuesday. >> it has been on store shelves
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since july. the radio issues. >> plus a bumpy ride for the nation's third largest carrier e why american airlines could soon be flying under a new name. >> building character. a local school marks the birthday of dr. martin luther king jr. nore on that when wat
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>> if you are planning a trip, new rules will make it easier to spot. while things are anything but easy for the nation's third-largest carrier which could at some point be flying under a new name. jay gray explains. >> it has been a bumpy ride for the nation's third largest
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carrier. now there are reports at least two competitors of an equity capital firm are considering bids to take over america's parent company a.m.r. industry insiders say they are evaluating the possibility of a merger of a buy-out. they also point out they are closer to finishing a court resturring process that could take more than a year to complete. none of the potential suitors or american will talk publicly about their intention, though a.m.r. has for a long construct, they believe americans can operate as a stand-alone carrier. as the confusion continues to circle american passengers could soon get clarity on what it is costing them to fly. the transportation department rules that go in effect in two weeks will give passengers a
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chance to change or cancel reservations in the first 24 hours for free and notify passengers if there are delays of 30 minutes or more. jay gray, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the chance to start the day with free coffee ends today. this is the last day of starbucks the roast you love the most campaign. a free taste test to introduce the new lighter blond roast and let customers compare it to the signature medium and dark roast. don't go away. more news coming up. first a electric look. -- first a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> students and local citizens recognize their effort to -- martin luther king. >> the milton miller concert academy set the stage. there were comments from the principal and superintendent,
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but there were two baltimore high school students among those honored for modeling character. >> i believe i have some of his characters and i am honored to get this award. >> i have a dream that my four little children will one day get in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dream. >> it means so much to me in everything that i have done. i'm trying to help out the world basically. >> the king observance began in the sanction of local churches. >> the fact we are having our children understand what was and what still can be is an ongoing effort. >> i still have a dream. it is a dream deeply rooted in the american dream. >> dr. joe harris says the
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memories are still fresh from the civil rights movement. >> i live through that as a student. i understand all too clearly what dr. king was trying to accomplish. >> he was among those committed to keeping dr. king's dream arrive. >> i bring up examples of myself that are supported by stories that we read. that's how i embew them with that character. >> tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and we want to let you know that government offices, courts, and post offices will be closed on monday to mark the holiday. however trash and recycling will be collected as normal. >> the time is 6:26. when we come back, joe paterno back in the hospital. wlats behind it this time. >> and we'll show you a picture.
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investigators want to know how a goat ended up with a 23-pound chain embedded in her neck. that story coming up. >> the temperatures have gone to winter mode once again. how big will the recovery be? we'll talk about that in the insta-weather plus forecast.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." temperatures have been everywhere this week. >> up and town. >> now we're down. >> so far this weather we have bounced back up again. we have had all these extremes and i think it is moving in that direction. this morning is not bad. barometer up. west wind a bit of a breeze at
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13 miles per hour. not as strong as during the day yesterday. inner harbor science center 31 degrees. nothing extremely cold. just january cold. foredass ahead. forecast ahead. >> a guiltly plea. a woman accused of orchestrating her husband's murder. her role in the shooting death of her husband. county prosecutors have put charges on hold. walsh charged with assault after an alleged scuff l with police. all this while dressed as frosty
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the snowman during a holiday parade last november. walsh will undergo a metropolitanal health evaluation. >> and how this goat wound up wandering alone with a 2 -pound chain hanging around her neck. police say they she was discovered on north linthicome. officials able to remove the chain. she is expected to make a full recovery. >> the same sex marriage debate it returning to annapolis. this time last year the general assembly decide working on a bill. that's not the case this year. david collins is covering the
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issue and has more from annapolis. >> the marriage equality bill does not have an official name, but aides to the governor say it is stronger than last year because it strengthens exemptions. >> we want to say that all maryland children deserve to be in a home so when we hit life's toughest times, medical decisions, end of life decisions, all the things that happen when life throws you a curveball. those are the protections of marriage, and it should extend to every family. >> opponents are under a new name, the maryland marriage alliance. one of the most outspoken opponents use a cueses the government of using the issue as a distraction. >> i think the proponents of gay marriage are going to be furious if this bill fails and they find out the governor used it as a smoke screen to hide the other issues that are much more critical. >> the politicalland landscape
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has changed. new york state joined five other states in legalized same-sex marriage. martin o'malley declared over the summer he would put the force of his office behind passage this year. outside of declaring his support along with a web commercial, some are criticizing the governor for not doing enough. bill supporters say he may have missed an opportunity to leverage a complaint through redistricting. they believe he missed an opportunity to lobby legislator that is joined him on his trip to india. >> there is no check list here, david. these are men and women who all have been elected independently and come to the md -- and come to the maryland general assembly trying to do the right thing in every vote, voting with principle and voting with the honest representatives of the people they are elected to serve. so i mean it is ongoing conversation. >> same sex opponent mike miller expects to take up the session early in the session brict
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predicting passage with the same number of votes as last year. the house is set to be five veeths votes shy of passage. baltimore county delegate john o' shefsky. >> we want to make sure we are clear religious organizations are exempt moving forward. >> and zate controller peter -- state controller peter franchot will be our guest tomorrow. if you have a question you e-mail us at >> a delay in the john edwards trial. >> a look ahead before the g.o.p. primary race coming up. >> this morning clouds and west winds bringing in typically cold air.
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>> this morning it is typically cold for this time of year. a few indications there is snow or ice cystals up in the clouds. the radar seeing that, and there is no indication any of this is hitting the ground. i think the air is really dry. so if anything, it should -- still doesn't make it to the ground. it is not a big deal anyway. it is still a nice morning
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anyway. kind of pretty this morning. chilly, but nothing surprising for january. 27 at b.w.i. marshall. the humidity way down, 40%. in the early morning hours, that's a dry, dry atmosphere. the barometer is rising. we have a breeze out there at 13. if you are in the open areas in the city itself it doesn't seem that windy at all. not close to where it was yesterday. a sample pling of temperatures around the yamplete annapolis 30, 28 easton. 29 edgewood. is in the teens west of maryland. early part of the state. some over cecii county, most of -- overcast out in garrett county.
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a cool front to our north. there is a weather disturbance. that will slide to our south as well. this is coming down, and this will be going across tonight. neither of them will be snow producers per say for us anyway. so things look good. that cold front will reenforce the cold air. if you look at the global situation over north america, intensely cold air over eastern and central canada. no mechanisms really drag the core of that air down. we get little bits and pieces of it. it is only six at -- 6 at minneapolis. cold air at least as far as the mid-atlantic region. we will be colder from where we have been. 33 to 38 for the high today. partly cloudy skies. on the breezy side. northwest winds gusting to 20 miles per hour. here's that clipper passing to
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our south tonight. cold front comes in. rain chances increase by wednesday and tuesday. you take a look at the playoff games. temperatures in the 50's and 60's and dry. 21 in fox borough. and then tomorrow, we look good. 35 to 33. the temperature range during the game. plenty of sunshine. agai plenty of sunshine. a little on the chilly side. increasing clouds with a rhine chance on tuesday.
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the investment will reportedly support nearly 300 jobs, help restore the environment, reduce energy use, and improve services to visitors. the improvement will prepare state parks to serve as outdoor plans for the state's new environmental literacy department. >> the republican candidates are on the attack this morning as primaries in south carolina and florida are just around the corner. the latest polls in south carolina show the top spot is up for grabs with mit romney and gingrich neck and neck and santorum and paul battling it out. our "commitment 2012 report." >> candidates are firing all over the south. >> i passed my test. >> romney claims his company
6:42 am
created thousands of jobs. >> he is clearly misstating the fact. "the washington post" gave him three pinocchios for his claims. >> this is a pr business mit romney helped start, and this one. >> romney is fighting back. in a new tv ad he paints himself as a conservative business firm. his attacks are also directed at president obama. >> i will take all the programs that commivet exist in washington and i will ask this question for each one. is this program so critical, it is worth borrowing money from china to pay for it. >> rick santorum is banking on. >> this race is just beginning. south carolina can completely clay this whole tenor of this race. >> the candidates are mostly gunning for romney and hoping his wins in iowa and new hampshire will warn southern voters.
6:43 am
south carolina's primary is january 21. wbal-tv 11 news. edwards scheduled to go on trial for his campaign finance claims. >> joe paterno has been hospitalized due to complications involved with his ongoing cancer treatment. paterno dig diagnosed back in november with a treatable form of lung cancer. since that diagnosis the hall of fame coach has been undergoing a series of medical treatments. he was also hospitalized back in december because of a pelvis injury he suffered after he fell in his home. >> stay with us. "11 fitness" is up next. >> first a look at last night's
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winning lottery numbers. inside
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>> welcome back. it is time for "11 fitness." charles harris is here to show us how we can lose weight with medication. >> what you think about you bring about. should it be that easy?
6:47 am
it should be. did you know you can lose weight by medicating. -- by meditating? the reason being, when you are under a lot of stress, you release a hormone that is called cortisol. when you release that hormone, you gain weight. there can be several reasons. road rage, your spouse, your kids, bills, and the list goes on and on. >> the hormone causes you to be more stressed out and you eat more? >> yes, you meath eat more. a way to alleviate that is to meditate. there are a lot of ways you can meditate. some feem people meditate by sitting down or laying in a chair. breathe through your nose, hold it eight seconds, and exthrough your mouth. you can do that when you are
6:48 am
driving down the street. >> that whole take a deep breath thing. calm down. >> if you do that 10 times you will relax your body. a good way to do it at home. i am not promoting one product over another, but they have stress release bath salts. they have sugar scrubs. i love burning cappeds at night. i got into this mower the holidays. i love the smell. it puts you in a relaxed state of mind. >> this is a bath and body works . and this is the scrub you brought? >> i use all three of these items. that's why i'm 47 but i look 27. >> i didn't know you are 47. you look great. >> i use this stuff. it helps me relax. it helps me think about some pleasant things. it gets my stress level down.
6:49 am
>> calming down overall. >> and then are you in a better state of mind to do the other things good for you like eating right and exercise. >> it is more than working out, being on the treadmill. especially when you work out, that's stress on your body. especially for wefment you work out, tenched to the kids. the list goes on and on. you need to tell everybody, jift give me a half-hour. and you will feel a lot better. i suggest doing it at least three times a week. your life will change. >> thank you. i appreciate it. if you would like to get in touch request charles check out please stay with us. john collins has a look at your weekend forecast when we come back. first here's a look at amy with a look at "today" show.
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>> it is being called a modern day titanic. a luxury cruise ship off the coast of italy sinks leaving some helpless, others escaped. others rescued by helicopter. we will talk exclusively to one member of the ship's crew. >> then john edwards has a serious heart ailment that requires surgery. we'll talk to a card oljift about the kinds of treatments he may require. >> plus, paula dean, the queen known for deep fried butt ri foods. that may have to change soon. find out why. >> and then president stephen colbert? he said he wants to run for president of his home state south carolina. is there a serious message in the campaign?
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>> good morning, everybody. i have to say, when trying to determine what to make of billy cundiff. some of this injury we knew about. others were a calf injury. he has some wondering if maybe
6:54 am
john harbaugh needs to make a change. right now he said he's struggled with the injuries. i made so many mistakes, i've been able to learn. that way i can traps fer it over . >> what made him comment in his job is he made the pass.
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part of an 8-0 run for fair field to start that. loyola. a minute to go. knocked down two free throws. it would not relinquish. greyhounds get the win 66-63. high school hoops. torrey smith wide receiver. on hand. checking out patterson in the visiting colorful uniforms at dunbar. a finish. a nine-point game.
6:56 am
fans started throwing things on the court. police ended the affair at the clock run-off before it got out of hand. dunbar knocks off number one pat or son. we'll sue -- see you back here tonight at 6:00. >> that's right. bundle up. >> that's right. it is january. wipter is here. not surprising. it is not that unusual. take a look at the forecast. mid 30's today and tomorrow for the high. nothing exstream. it looks like we'll see a fair share of sun. he monday snar similar. warmer. rain chances tuesday. that will be the warmest day of the week. then temperatures fall back for the end of the week. >> thank you, john. thank you all for watching. >> the today show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with a live update. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> relentless. this was a sign for the ravens this year. head coach john harbaugh led the ravens to a perfect record here at m&t stadium starting with a memorable win over the steelers. the teammates' stops on mooble and a special prime time
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appearance here on wbal-tv 11 news where the harbaugh brothers clashed for the first time as nfl coaches. they ended with a road win. in short, a first-round bye. from the start of the season, the team's goal was to host playoff game. an -- attack the ravens will. we at wbal-tv 11 news 1090, wbal a.m. will continue to show our support by projecting the ravens logo on our building every nifmente as the ravens fight to bring the lombardi trophy back
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